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Preperation for a Web Conference
You are joining a web conference. Because it is important, it is worth preparing properly to provide a good image, clear sound and trouble-free Internet connection.

Microphone / Speakers

  • The sound is the most significant element in a web conference. The audience might not be able of seeing you well, but they must be able of listening to you clearly.
  • Ideally, choose a headset or hands-free system that would allow you to listen clearly and have the microphone close to your face.
  • Place the microphone close to your mouth but not in front of it, so to avoid the sound of air of your voice.

Internet connection

  • Select cable connection, not Wi-Fi, which has constant up and downs in its speed that might affect the quality of the connection.
  • If the use of a cable connection is not possible, select a spot as close as possible to the router, with no other obstacle in between (e.g. wall).
  • If you are using a mobile device, set it in flight mode with the Wi-Fi enabled.
  • While you are connected, do not share your internet connection with others, e.g. other home users.


  • Position the camera at the height of the face, not lower. Use books or other objects as a base.
  • Place the camera in such a distance so to capture the head and the shoulders. Leave a small gap between the top of the head and the top of the frame.
  • Get staring at the camera, as much as possible.
    Tip: Resize the Zoom application window and place it close to the camera (top or bottom) so that when you stare at your co-speakers, it will be like you are looking at the camera.


  • Choose a quiet spot of your office or home.
  • Choose an interesting background (e.g., library with books or a painting).
  • Avoid having a light source behind you, e.g. a lamp or a window with daylight. Any artificial or physical light must be place in front of you.
  • If the light is not enough, you can place an office lamp behind the camera.

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